An antimarketing social experiment on derivative culture in the Solana NFT ecosystem. Thugmonkez started as a low effort derivative project turned into a high quality 3d collection.

What makes
ThugMonkez unique.


With the coming metaverse & 3D VR wave we are trying to get out in front! We also want to get away from the 8bit derivative art we currently use. Initially, the art was a meme on the NFT markets trend, but it kept us from reaching our potential. We decided to seek new heights and try something entirely unlike any other NFT project.


Become a Thug!

What it means to be a ThugMonkez.

To be a ThugMonkez is to be a degen through and through. The community apes and memes hard yet stands firmly against derivative pump and dump culture. Another part of ThugMonkez DNA is supporting indie artists in the Solana NFT space.


  • 01

    Q4 2021 - Launch

    The beginning of ThugMonkez, an idea created within a twitter space later launching in under 24 hours. Further changing the antimarketing and derivative culture on Solana NFT ecosystem.

  • 02

    Q4 2021 - Jungle

    The official community token of thugmonkez with only a 1 million supply airdropped to all ThugMonkez holders.

  • 03

    2022 - Streetwear

    Official thugmonkez branded streetwear.

  • 04

    2022 - Under Construction

    Under promise / over deliver.. details on reveal.


A Community driven coin based in da $JUNGLE where ThugMonkez may or may not be interacting with each other.

Over $250k Airdropped to Holders

We airdropped 500k $JUNGLE out of the 1 million supply to ThugMonkez holders. The airdrop was valued at over $250k conservatively.


Thugmonkez is a social commentary on Solana derivative culture. Solana monkey business bodies with thugbird attributes, thugmonkez are the epitome of cash grab pump and dump culture. As a social commentary the community solidified itself to be strong realizing that thugmonkez weren’t truly just another cash grab. The derivative pixel monkeys were swapped out for high quality 3D versions in January 2022.

3,333 ThugMonkez

The decision to move to 3D was a community vote put forward by the dev team. The ThugMonkez community was showing itself to be one of the strongest on Solana but the team and community felt that the derivative art would hinder it’s ability to reach bluechip status. The 3D art is to help solidify thugmonkez as it’s own unique project and provide new refreshing high quality art.

0.33 SOL


A social experiment turned strongest community on #Solana. A collection of 3333 ThugMonkez that are redefining derivatives.

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Co Founder

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